9 Colorful Scandinavian Decor Ideas for a Minimalist Home Vibe

Scandinavian decor is trending in the interior design world. Everything about it is Minimalist and Sober. Instead of going for old monochromatic colors, try bright + beautiful palettes. Add some metallic accents to feel the vibe.

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1. Floral Finishing

An important feature for Scandinavian is - Nature. Bring in some bright or nature inspired accessories like floral rugs. You can paint your cabinets bud green or introduce some indoor plants in your space.

2. Tint Work Space

Clear lines and simple furniture is the heart of Scandinavian decor. Create a feeling of spaciousness and calm atmosphere with simple furniture choices. And the tint shade will be soothing for your workplace.

3. Floral Display

Introduce some natural matters in your space to warm up your interiors. You can do this with flooring, candle sticks, mirrors or side tables. With the floral decor, wood tones and white walls make an appealing welcome to your home.    

4. Neon + Neutrals

Dress up your sofas and throws with the neutrals to rejuvenate the place. And cover the cushions with the orange or traditional Scandi motifs. Go for a minimalist art piece instead of the gallery wall. 


5. Unfinished and Rustic Details

Go for a minimalistic color palette. But give it a modern touch with patterned rug and hanging planters. Unfinished wood pieces and texture helps you to connect with nature and outdoor. In Nordic style, Wood accents play a huge role.


6. Bold Entrance 

Make the Bright and bold rug do the job at the entrance. Keep everything else aside and let the rug take the center stage. A colorful rug looks beautiful with the light wooden floor.

7. Navy + Pink

Struggling on how to decide on two different color ascetics. Scandinavian decor is the solution. Navy blue and rustic materials create a strong look with feminine accents like pink. You can add a dark wooden table with the bed for extra storage space.


8. Good Storage

Good storage space is the key to the Scandinavian interior. De-clutter as much possible and display items in floral accessories and baskets. Create unusual storage space and give your home a more open look.

9. Tint it Up!

For Scandinavian culture socializing is a must. Brighten up a coffee space with a tinted color or pastel color and a few bold throw pillows. Create an area that is savoring in good time with friends and good coffee.