5 Ideas to make your Bathroom Stylish & Beautiful

There is this one place in your house where your guests are guaranteed to spend some time alone. So if you don't want to spend a fortune but make that impression; Here are a few ideas which will make your bathroom beautiful.

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1. Keep it Simple

The more clear the space is the more Beautiful it looks. Bathrooms need to be tidy and uncluttered. To keep it clean and simple avoid unnecessary stuff. The essentials are toothbrush holder, cup and a hand wash. If you have a large space then you may add up a few accessories like candles.

2. Fresh Flowers

We always feel fresh with the nature. Adding fresh flowers can make the place pretty and soothing. Flowers can serve as the main decor in the bathrooms as they incorporate color in your bathroom. People rarely think of decorating with flowers, but it smells and looks beautiful. 

3. Classic Linens

No one wants to see the old yellow towel of yours for years. Instead you should go with the white linen, which reminds you of the hotels. They are easy to clean with bleach. To make it feel cohesive you can compliment the rest of the space with white terry cloth or shower curtain.

4. Make if Feel Like A Room

To hang an art piece in your bathroom is not weird just as you would in your living room. A vintage cupboard to store the linens, antique rug and light fixture will make you feel like - it's a continuation of the rest your house. You and your guests will feel right at home if you treat it as a small living space.

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5. Risk it.

If you have that feeling of doing something way different from your entire house. Bathroom is a great place for your creativity. Add a colorful wallpaper or a dark hue to make the white pop. To bring in some drama to the space bring in some light fixture or unique mirror. It's a small room, if something goes wrong it won't be an expensive fix. Bathroom is a place where you can go out of your comfort zone to decor. Who knows, it might pay off!