8 Contemporary Ways to Slay the Black & White Decor Trends

This Seasons Biggest Design Trends - To Decorate your Home using the Black & White Palette. If you can execute it with the Sophistication & Minimalism, it can add a Luxe touch to any space in your Home.

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1. Decor it Strategically

To make the bedroom more soothing, use mirrors, white window frames. To avoid the dark black add bedding in shades of white.

2. Utilize Space

Everything stays within the restrained space. Then it works well, like chairs, pillows, picture frames and lamps. And the white rug cozies up a dark floor.

3. Keep it Simple

To avoid the strict look of black & white use huge windows. Shades of silver, gray and slate will aid.

4. Mix Some Textures

With the minimalist black table and chairs, add some textures of wood and plants to get a modern feel. White cushions will play the role of the highlighter.

5. Balance

Balance these two - Black & White. One black wall, one white; one white couch, two black chairs. Go 50-50

6. Kitchen Wall of White Tiles

It makes it a lot easier to pull off black kitchen cabinets and appliances if the walls tiles are white. The right lighting will do the rest.

7. Art Pieces

Large pieces of statement art in black and white can bring drama to a basic hallway or foyer.

8. Contrast

To give the space a large, open feel try adding black carpets on the floor with white coffee tables. And minimal furniture completes the picture.