8 Colorful Ways to Make Your Small Space Look Way Bigger

After seeing tons of interior inspirations, decorating a small space can be tricky. It is not only about the inspiration but expensive and complicated too. Here are a few ways in which you can make your home look bigger, colorful and way more Beautiful.

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1. Pop up your window

Colorful and patterned curtains can make a room look closed in, which is the opposite effect we want to pull off. Try popping up your windows instead of textile.

2. Color-Coordinate

If there are more books of one color then keep them together - organized. Color-coordinate it with a rug to make it more beautiful.

3. Add Tall Plants

Tall plants naturally draw the eyes up which can help maximize space. The added illusion will make the room feel more spacious.

4. Functional Storage + Fun

Make use of the space above the windows and windowsills as storage that looks beautiful.

5. Add a Personal Touch to Built-ins

Decorate the space with the help of paint or colorful tapes. With the illusion of white, the colors will do the rest.

6. Keep the Furniture Light

Keep the background and the base neutral, which can use large, minimalist piece of art to bring in light. Open furniture makes a room look more spacious and uncluttered.

7. Exposed Shelves

Bigger shelves in the kitchen can make the space look even more smaller. Show-off your most colorful ceramics with exposed shelves which are easy to access too!

8. Maximize the Texture

A colorful DIY on the wall can add height and texture to a small space. To make it look bigger, go with something that stretches its way up to the ceiling.