5 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Neutrals—That Aren’t Boring

Tired of bold & bright colors? Well, there's a new way to decorate your home. Yes, you can make your home look exceptionally beautiful by just using eye pleasing neutral palates.  We tell you how!

Here are some of the beautiful ways to decorate your home. The approach is more focused on the textures, shape and quality details with the help of accessories.

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1. Neutrals are best when combined with a variety of textures.

Working with a variety of textures helps you make it look more soft, transitional and subtle. Combination of light and dark colors will do the work and the plants will do the rest.

2. Remember using neutrals does not mean monochromatic.

You have to strive for finishes and make it look more cohesive. Try keeping all the stuff around - together to complete the look.

3. To make it look more cozy and comfortable, layer your sofa and pillows with the shades of white.

To make your sofas & pillows the ordinary look extraordinary you can cover it up in a white quilt! You can use the pillows and throws which are machine washable to cover up your furniture.

4. Custom details can knock it out!

While working with a limited color palette these creative door handle hacks can add a great visual to the whole look.

5. Try mixing the wood tones.

The wood tones make it look beautiful and adds the visual interest, if combined with the oak flooring .