6 Ways To Make Your Small Space Look Bigger

"Mirror,Mirror on the wall,who is the fairest of them all?" To answer this question you need a magical mirror.But in my opinion all the mirrors are magical when it comes to visual expansion of a small space.

It's a great challenge to make your small space look larger.You will find hundreds of solution for your small space online.But,the problem with them most of them require renovations.

What if I tell you that there are methods from which you can make your small space look larger without any renovations.The only thing you need is 'Mirrors'.Here are some methods to do it:

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1:Build a mirror wall

Have a wall of mirrors i.e a wall in which mirrors are placed next to one another continuously.It would visually double a space by reflections.

It also has the advantage of maximization of natural light and would light up the space that would have otherwise felt dark.

mirror wall

2:Shift the focus elsewhere

Have some artwork against your mirror,The repetitive lines would blur the edges of the mirror making the beautiful reflection of the artwork.

It would be hard to figure out where the mirror starts and room ends.

artwork next to mirror

3:Fake length of a room.

The back walls can covered by mirrors giving the impression of infinity of space.

Patterned runner can be used along the length of mirror enhancing the continuity effect. 

fake length

4:Opt for round mirror

Round mirrors can be used as they break the boredom of rectangular shapes and add a new form to the space.

Pick up the large mirrors as they will reflect more light.

round mirror

5:Trick the eye with the pattern

Choose a patterned wall of your space and place a mirror at an right angle from the wall.

This will almost double the length of your bathroom, thus providing an expansion to the image.

patterened wall

6:Only reflect beautiful things.

This is very important and something that should be emphasized on i.e that your mirror should only reflect the beautiful part of your space.

You can have reflections chandeliers that would make the impression of two,almost double of the light being reflected,the reflections of some good views and beautiful furniture can be used.

MINIMAL (11).jpg