7 Bedroom Storage Ideas That Will Pick Up Your Closet's Slack.

Think of the situation when your bedroom is free from all the clutter,No discarded clothes,No mess everything maintained and looks neat and tidy.

You might feel that this is next to impossible.What if I tell you that this is actually possible??wondering how??Here are some easy hacks for your space.


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1:Use your Wall Space

In a modern bedroom every inch of space has it's own value so you can make an effective use of it by using your wall space.

Free up your space by hanging a shelving unit next to your bed and use it for often used item like glasses or so.

wall unit.jpg

2:Opt for Stylish and Functional Furniture

While opting for furniture opt for something that is stylish and functional as well.

You can choose a dresser with maximum storage units and acquires minimum space.


3:Go Vertical

Opt for a ladder??sounds strange!!! but you can actually go vertical by installing a ladder.

Instead of filling your closets with linens try hanging them on the ladder.This would look more attractive and beautiful.


4:Use Your Floor Space

If you are lacking ample of bedside storage you can pick up a storage basket that looks trendy and provides a effective use of floor space.

You can place all your discarded or dirty clothes inside it,without creating a mess in the room.

Look forward to a seagrass basket as they look modern and beautiful too. 


5:Double Up

If your bedroom is small,use small side tables and give priority to wall mounted fixtures.

lamps cover maximum space of the table top so wall affixed lightning can serve your purpose.

wall mounted

6:Make use of Every Available Nook

Pay close attention while renovating your space.Try adding a built in nook or shelving unit if possible.

It would be preferable if placed next to the bed as in case you are a night reader it would provide you the maximum comfort and easiness.


7:Unconventional use of traditional pieces

Let the vibe of minimalism come into your space.You can place a dresser next to your bed skipping side table,it would fill up the space beautifully providing storage and ample of area for decorative items.

dresser 2
MINIMAL (15).jpg