10 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Jazz Up Your Bedroom Without Spending a Fortune

Looking to jazz up your bedroom without spending a fortune on designers? Tired of scouring websites for ideas getting nothing but expensive, elaborate décor tips? This is your one-stop destination for decking up your bedroom. Given below are 10 ridiculously simple ways to decorate your bedroom:

1. Fairy Lights

Diwali comes and goes every year, but fairy lights are a year-round favourite. They are freely available in all colours in almost every electronic shop you will come across. Buy a set of classic yellow ones, or go for a combination of various colours, and string along any surface or corner of your bedroom. You can choose to wrap a few strings along the headboard of your bed, or twist them along the sides of your window and curtain rods. You could even cheer up a gloomy side of the room by stringing fairy lights along pegs on the walls and clipping photos along its length. Another plus point, they are eco-friendly and super power saving, and should you have the funds, you could opt for their LED counterpart.   

2. A Colorful Rug

A colourful Rug can bring in a quick burst of optimism to the room in a jiffy! You could match it with your curtains or the upholstery. Layering colours in the room is a good idea too. Pick a tribal print, a quirky pattern, a timeless floral, or make the rug complement the colour choices in the rest of the room. Black and white is neat and minimal. However, if pop is your thing, go absolutely wild in picking your hue and pattern. Multiple rugs work too!

3. Comfy Chairs / Bean Bags

A bean bag or a comfy chair can lend funk and charm to any dull corner of your bedroom. Make the upholstery of the chair match the curtain or the rug, or not. A comfy single sofa, too, could be substituted in place of the bean bag. This idea also allows you an alternative place of rest other than the bed. Who says a bedroom is only to sleep in? Take a nice afternoon nap on your snug rocking chair, or lounge about with your laptop on the bean bag. Read a book on it, update your Facebook albums, compose your new office presentation, or write a poem. Double score if it is a window seat or is placed beside a window with an eye-catching view.

4. Gorgeous Wall Posters

As every student and budget decorator knows, posters are an unsurpassed way to pep up walls. Posters look best framed, but they can also be tacked them up on the wall just the way they come. Posters are a dime a dozen, and can be found in a gamut of online as well as street stores. Pick out all your favourite movie and music band posters and arrange them on a wall in exposed red brick to bestow the room with the appearance of grunge. Framed photos work too. Art quilts and photo collages are a fabulous way to add some zing to a bland, blank wall

5. Prints

Why confine prints to only the fabrics in the room? Printed accent pieces look great if you want to experiment with patterns without long-term commitment. Keeping your walls, floor, and the furniture in simple hues and tones, you could add spirit to the room with lovely patterned lampshades, or a wall clock with a beautifully patterned frame.

6. Utility Furniture Pieces

Sleek, small bookshelves and utility furniture are a wonderful way to lend class and taste to your bedroom. A desk that doubles as a bedstead could serve a dual purpose at the same time as utilizing space efficiently.

7. Mirrors

Mirrors are literally a brilliant way to make the room appear vibrant, well-lit, and spacious. Place two on opposite walls and marvel at the cool self-referencing when you stand in front of one. Multiple mirrors of different shapes can be arranged in attractive sequences to make the room appear tasteful and postmodern.

8. Pillows

Pillows and cushions - square, rectangular, throw pillows, or any kind at all – will offer the room an overall atmosphere of comfort. Pick your own prints, mix and match the colours to suit your tastes and the décor.

9. Create A Focal Point

Choose a focal point – a beautiful bed, an ornate chair, or a wardrobe – and make sure the colours in the room and the curves of the furniture complement one other.

10. Craft Pieces

Art deco and craft pieces are a good option as space fillers. Wine bottle lamp, shell bowls, wicker work pieces are superb options. Be idiosyncratic, offbeat – throw in a mismatched chair, make a small chipped coffee table double as a dresser, toss some books into a wicker laundry basket, push a portable clothes rack beside the bed, arrange vases in all sorts of odd corners in the bedroom. Extra brownie points if your pieces are DIY! Add a swing beside your bed and watch how the hours pass like magic!

Make your bedroom your sanctuary. By all means, go crazy with your ideas. Experiment. Personalize by mixing and matching in bizarre combinations and find out what works for you. It is, after all, your bedroom. Use the 10 tips given above, follow whichever ones your heart dictates, and stand back and admire the adorable slumber heaven your old bedroom has been transformed into.