Interior Design Cost For Bedroom

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We have a very detailed post on the interior design cost of a 2bhk flat. That cost estimate is useful for you if you doing the interiors from the ground up. 

But, what if you only want to redecorate your bedroom? What will be the cost of renovating your bedroom? 

Well, in today's post we're breaking down everything you need to know as far as the cost of interior design for your bedroom. 

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Okay, now back to the interior cost for the bedroom. 

As we've said before, the cost of interior design depends on too many variable factors. And it's not possible to arrive at a formula that will determine the exact interior design cost for your bedroom. 

However, there are a few thumb rules that we can use to get a good enough idea of the cost. 

So, before we break down the cost, let's list down the things that typically go into renovating a bedroom. 

To make this easy to understand we're going to consider the complete the renovation. Which means we're going to consider that you are going to remove everything that you have in your bedroom and redo everything, from false ceiling to furniture everything. 

So, here's a list of things you need to get done to completely renovate your bedroom. 

  • Removing existing furniture, lights, false ceiling, curtains etc.

  • Bed (The size of the bed depends on the size of your bedroom. For this post we're going to consider a queen size bed)

  • Wardrobe

  • Dressing Unit

  • New False Ceiling

  • Curtains

  • Wall Painting

  • Art Pieces (Wall art, rugs, paintings etc)

  • Artificial Plans (Or Live plants if you prefer)

  • Mattress

  • Bed linen (Bedsheets, Pillow covers etc)

  • Lighting ( Ceiling lights, decorative lights, fan, night laps etc)

Okay now that we've listed down everything that goes into renovating your bedroom. Let's break down the cost of each element. 

Our New eBook “ BEDROOM DESIGN BIBLE” is live now. Click Button Below To Download Your Copy

NOTE: The room size considered for this cost purpose is between 120 sqft to 160 sqft. If your room size is bigger than you have to consider extra cost for false ceiling and painting. 

Interior design cost of a bedroom

NOTE: Cost of flooring or any kind of civil work is not included here. 

  • Removing Existing Furniture, False Ceiling Etc.. There's no specific cost for this. However, for removing false ceiling, curtains and moving all furniture out, you can consider a cost of approx 5000 rs. labour charges. However, you will probably recover more money by selling your old furniture.

  • Bed - Queen size - With hydraulic storage & two side tables - 38000 rs. If you want an upholstered bed back, please add 5000 rs extra for fabric and labour.

  • Wardrobe - 7' length x 9'6" height with the hydraulic loaf on top. - 87000 rs. (1300 rs. / sqft)

  • Dressing unit - 2' wide with storage at back and small shelf below - 13000 rs.

  • False ceiling - Gypsum Finish - 65RS. / SFT - 65X200 = 13000 RS. (150 sqft room area + 50 sqft for border)

  • Curtains - 1 window - size 6'x7' = 12600 rs. Roman curtain with a fabric cost 800 to 1000 rs / m.

  • Wall Painting - 150sqft x 3.5 (thumb rule) = 525 sqft x 23 rs for Asian paint royale - 12075 rs.

  • Art Pieces - 2 art pieces - 10000 lump sum.

  • Artificial plants - 1 4' plant - 2000 rs. & 1 small side table plant - 500rs. Total for plants - 2500 rs.

  • Mattress - There are a lot of options when it comes to mattresses. And the price range is really huge. So, to make this calculation simpler we're considering a sleep well mattress queen size. The cost is 21000 rs. approx.

  • Bed linen & pillow cover - Set aside 2000 rs. for a decent one set of bed linen and pillow covers.

  • Lighting - Philips ceiling lights (600rs. / pieces) total number of pieces required 4. Total cost for ceiling lights 2400 rs.

  • Fan - Crompton Greeves 4' fan 2100 rs.

  • Decorative wall light - 2200 rs. philips make.

  • Electrical labour - 4000 rs.

  • Design and supervision consultancy charges - 15000 rs.

Okay, the above cover almost all the cost that you will have to incur to renovate your bedroom. However, it's necessary to understand the material finishes that we've considered here. 

  • Carpentry - MR Grade plywood. 60 to 70 / sqft | Laminate Royal Touche or similar 1200 to 1500 rs. / sheet.

  • Wall Painting - Asain paint Royale.

  • Electrical - Phillips, Crompton greeves.

So, let's include everything and see what will be the interior design cost of your bedroom. 

Total Interior Design Cost - 2,62,975 Rs. 

Note: Above budget is for semi luxurious interior design. You can reduce the cost of your bedroom by using cheaper materials and finishes. 

Note: The above budget does not include the cost of electronics such as TV and AC etc.

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