TV Unit Design Inspiration For Your Home

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Today, we’re discussing the TV unit design for your home. You’ll find it super valuable.

TV unit is one of the most important part of your home interior design. be it a living room tv unit or bedroom tv unit, you have to give proper attention to the design of you tv unit in order to make your room look more beautiful.

Today, we’re going to discuss how to pick the right tv unit design and things you should need to consider before finalising you tv unit.

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The tv console must fulfil two important requirements.

It must be functional

And it must look good and match the overall theme of your interior design.

Before we look at each of the aspect mentioned above, let’s discuss why do you really need tv unit?

Well, first and foremost to place your tv. Honestly, with technology available today such as amazon fire stick and other devises you can get away with just hanging your tv on the wall without any kind of console.

But, the tv unit is also a very important part of the interior design of your home. After all most families spend a lot of time in front of tv everyday, so why not make the tv unit look beautiful, right?

It’s an integral part of the decor. And it can enhance the look of your room many folds. However, you’ll need to make sure the design of your tv unit is such that it in promotion to the size of your room.

You wouldn’t want to end up with a large tv unit in a small room, as it’ll look out of space and it’ll look disproportionate.

Okay, so now that we know it’s important to have properly designed tv console in your room, let’s look at the functionality of the tv unit.

Functionality of tv unit

Here’re the essential things most people need a tv unit for.

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  • Place their tv

  • have set top box

  • have blu ray or dvd player

  • music sytem

  • speakers

Apart from the above mentioned things, some people also like to have books and other decor pieces to elevate the design of their tv unit.

Technical details to make a perfect tv unit that fulfils all your needs.

There are three important elements of any tv unit.

  • Backdrop

  • Console

  • Storage space

Now, let’s discuss the different part of a tv unit in brief.


Backdrop of your tv unit solves to purpose.

  • Hide all the wires

  • Elevate the look

Materials you can use to design a backdrop (There’re a lot of examples of amazing tv unit designs below)

  • Plywood with veneer finish

  • Plywood with laminate finish

  • Wood with glass

  • Wood with designer bison panels

  • Onyx stone backdrop

  • Plywood with stone finish

and much more (see more examples below)

You can design your tv backdrop the way you want, however it must solve one important purpose, and that is to hide all the wires.

If all the wires attached to the tv and other devices are visible, your tv unit design isn’t good to look good. So, make sure you keep enough space (roughly 2 to 3 inch) behind the tv unit backdrop to run all the pipes and wires.

And if the design of your tv unit doesn’t allow for a space, then make sure all the pipes are canceled in the wall before you make your tv unit.

It’s important. Don’t miss this part. Wires must not be visible otherwise the whole purpose of the having a tv unit is defeated.

Now, you’ll also need a plug point to plug your tv power socket. Usually, the placement of the tv is at 3 feet from the floor. The bottom part of your tv should be 3 feet from the floor for best viewing experience. However, this works only if the size of your tv is 50 inch or below.

For, tv’s larger than 50 inch it’s best to place them above the console and not hang it on the wall.

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TV Unit console design

Now, that we’ve discussed about the tv unit backdrop design, let’s look at the design of the console.

First thing you should be careful about the height of the console.

The ideal height of the tv console is 15 inch from the floor. so, the top of the console should be 15 inch from the floor.

Now, depending on your requirements the height of the console itself can be 15 inch (touching the floor) or smaller somewhere around to 7 to 10 inch.

We suggest you keep your tv console at least 3 inch above the floor, so the finish of the console is damaged while moping the floor.

Again depending on the size of the tv unit, you’ll need to design drawers or cupboards for console.

What we like to do is to have 9” console with one part open or covered with a profile glass shutters, and rest all can be closed drawers to keep all your extra stuff.

Now, the width of the tv unit depends on the space available in your room. However, never go below 9” width. As smaller width of your console would not be able to hold set top box or dvd player.

Materials you can be used to design a tv console

  • Plywood with veneer finish

  • Plywood with laminate finish

  • Plywood with glass

  • Plywood with corian finish ( We do not recommend using corian, it won’t las long)

  • You can also use stone or glass top

Electrical Requirements For Your TV Unit

We suggest you at least have 4 plug point. Either above the tv console at 20 to 24 inch height or inside one one of the open shelf.

Why four plug points?

  • One For Set top box

  • One for dvd player

  • One for gaming console or music system or other devices like Amazon fire stick etc.

  • One extra in case you need to charge your phone or any other device.

Okay, so that’s about it. Keep these things in mind when getting your tv unit made.

Please refer images below to see different type of tv console design ideas.

TV Unit Design Detail Drawings

We’re sharing some of the tv units we’ve designed for our project with dimension, so you get a clear idea on how to get a stunning tv unit done for your home.

Aesthetics of your tv unit.

As you already know each house is different and each room is different, so it won’t be possible for us to give specific about the design aesthetics of your tv unit, however, we’ve curated some of the best tv unit design ideas from around the web for your take inspiration from.

Scroll below to check out the best tv unit design ideas.

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TV Unit Design For Living Rooms & Bedrooms

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