5 Minimalist Bathroom Decor Ideas

Not many of you (especially in India) consider a bathroom an important part of the decor. Mostly because, you don’t want to deal with expense of re-doing the bathroom and most of you stick with the bathrooms that the builder has provided.

You add a few accessories to the existing bathroom and call it a day.

However, that’s not a bad thing do if you don’t have budget for remodelling the bathrooms or do not want to go through the hassles of re-doing the bathrooms.

And I do agree that re-doing the bathroom is both an expensive and time consuming affair.

However, If you are someone who’s looking to renovating your bathroom, I have a few bathroom decor tips for you today.

As you probably know we’re big on minimalism and love to keep things simple and easy to maintain.

Todays bathroom decor tips are no different.

Scroll below to check out 5 minimalist bathroom decor ideas that’ll help you design a perfect minimalist bathroom.

Bathroom Decor Ideas

1. Stick With Neutral Palette

If minimalism is known for one thing, it’s neutral colour palette. Not that you can’t add a hint of bold colours if you prefer but keeping the overall theme of the bathroom neutral will keep your bathroom looking a luxurious spa.

Minimal Bathroom decor ideas.jpg

2. Use Dark Grout

To highlight the neutral tones of your tiles and bring in the necessary contrast use dark grout. It’ll make your bathroom way more sophisticated without spending a ton of money highlighters or expensive tiles. You can also play with patterns to add a little bit of glam to your bathroom.

Minimal batrhroom decor ideas 1.jpg

3. Work With Grayscale

If you want a proven bathroom decor formula and a guaranteed way to make your bathroom look luxurious, then just go with the black and white colour palette. Like shown in the picture below, go for grey tiles for the floor, white tiles for the walls and finish the vanity or any other storage space in your bathroom black.

Minimal batrhoom decor ideas.jpg

4. Keep It Simple

Simplicity is the key to beauty. Keep everything in your bathroom simple. Choose the neutral colour palette and keep the design of the vanity super minimal, don’t build storage cabinets and keep your bathroom as empty as possible. Less is more. Don’t fill up your bathroom with things you wouldn’t use everyday.

This decor idea works best for the small bathrooms. And most of today’s modern apartments have small bathrooms and keeping your bathroom decor as simple as possible is the key.

Minimal bathroom decor ideas 3.jpg

5. Add Plants

I know, adding plants in your bathroom is a foreign concept. But, trust me plants brings the whole new level of liveliness to your bathroom decor. There're many indoor plants that do not require sunlight. You can add such plants in your bathroom or if you’re not comfortable with adding live plants in your bathroom go for artificial plants.

Plants will enhance the decor of your bathroom like no other.

Minimal bathroom decor ideas 4.jpg

Hope you enjoyed the article. Let me know if you have questions. Post them in the comments below and I’ll try my best to answer all of them.

And remember, bathrooms are very important part of your home and your life. So, don’t ignore them. Pay a great deal of attention to the bathroom decor. It’ll enhance the look and feel of your entire home.

Minimal bathroom decor tips 1.jpg
Minimal bathroom decor tips.jpg