5 Ideas to Add Lighting to your Living Room

Lightnings add more sense to drama to any space be it natural or artificial.On one hand natural lighting visually expand a space and on the other hand artificial lighting add a sense of grandness to the space.

When it comes to artificial lighting there are thousands of option available in the market But,the question is which one is ideal for our living Room??

Here are some methods for you to choose from:

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1)Install a pendant light

Offering all the continence of an overhead light the pendant light serves it's purpose in a beautiful manner.

If your living room has white walls then you the choose this option.


2)Hang a Chandelier

One of the most beautiful option to choose from in case you have a high ceiling and you are more interested in the dramatic look of your living room.

It can create a focal point in your living room.You can keep minimum artwork in order to compliment it.


3)Place a table Lamp on side table

To add an instant source of light table lamps are perfect to pick up.

Add a spherical table lamp in your living room and compliment it with neutral shades of furniture or you can go bold as per your taste.


4)Opt for sconces

If your Living Room does not allow you for heavy lightnings on ceiling then let the walls serve the purpose.

Wall mounted sconces are ideal for small living rooms.Instead of wasting your space on floor lamps a pair of sconces is a better option.


5)Plug in A Floor lamp

Beautiful,elegant and easy to move,the floor lamps are provide an opportunity for the renters to decorate their spaces without much of drilling.You just plug in and you are done. 

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