15 Minimal Living Room Decor Ideas

If you haven't noticed, we are a big believer in minimal interior design and we try to push minimalism wherever possible. We even created a simple step-by-step guide on creating a beautiful minimal home. You can check it out here and download it for free

Living room is one of the most part of your entire home. And it must look amazing. But we see a lot of people fill up the living room with so many decorative items that the whole ambiance of the room becomes a bit overwhelming.

The problem is having more stuff in your living room is that you have to maintain them, clean them and worst part is keep expensive stuff safe from kids.

But, there's a better way. You can make your living room equally appealing by having less but meaningful stuff in it. That's what is the core at the  concept of a minimal home, only have things that absolutely necessary or you totally love them. Keep it simple, subtle and elegant.

To help you understand the concept we've curated some of our favorite minimal living room decor ideas for you today. Get inspired and throw away things you don't love or need anymore. Create a truly beautiful living room.

Scroll below to check out 15 minimal living room decor ideas.