Desk Mate

The Ultimate Desk Organizer

1500 INR

Just take a close look at your work desk right now, how does it look?

Messed up right!  There you see your wallet, papers, keys, pens and business cards lying all around on your desk and you don’t even know where to keep your expensive sunglasses safely, so it doesn’t get a scratch. And what about your Phone? 

We all face this problem daily, but still we don’t do a thing about it.

Probably, because you don’t have a solution for it. Until now. 

Presenting Desk Mate, a simple, gorgeous looking desk organizer.

Finely crafted from wood, smaller than A4 size paper, and lighter than your laptop (yes, even the Macbook Air). This super functional desk organizer is what you need to clean up your messy desk, so you don’t have to look elsewhere to grab your essentials when you rush out of your office or home.