Ever wanted to renovate a room in your home... But never found anyone professional enough to get it done? 

That Ends Today!

NEOTECTURE RENO gives you everything you need to renovate any room in your home like never before. 

It's never been easier to renovate a single room in your home.


NEOTECTURE RENO is single room interior design and execution service by one of the best interior design firms in Ahmedabad. 

From: NEOTECTURE Founders. 

Subject: Calling all home owners. 

Have you ever felt frustrated as a home owner when you wanted to renovate your entire home or even a single room? 

Have you ever felt handcuffed by the poor design and execution services provided by your past designer or carpenter? 

You know what we're talking about. You decide to renovate your bedroom, living room or kitchen. 

You are excited.

You are ready to spend the money.

You know exactly what you need.

You know how your quality of life will change after renovating your room. (All the praises you'd receive from the family, your neighbours will be a little jealous of your beautiful new room, may be you'll host a great party for your friends in your new shining living room). 

And then...

You're Stuck

They got you.

Your designer is not delivering what you need. He doesn't give more options. He tries to force his thinking onto you. 

Your carpenter has no clue. All he does is show you a couple photos from magazines and deliver nothing close to it. The quality is off. The workmanship is poor. 

Yes, you're being held hostage by the unprofessional designers and contractors. And the money-trap of having to pay too much money for something you don't even know will look good or not. 

And yet somehow, things that should be so simple, things that should take only a few days.

Somehow, become weeks and then months. 

With each passing day, your excitement for your renovation gets dimmer and dimmer until one day it's gone.

Money wasted...time wasted...with little or nothing to show for it. 

And This Is Where Most Renovation Dreams Die. 

Well we're here to tell you that those days are gone, Forever.

We want to introduce you to NEOTECTURE RENO. 

A revolutionary new way to get your renovations done efficiently and hassle free. 

A new way that will let you:

Take The Power Back From The Unprofessional Designers & Contractors. 

Yes, NEOTECTURE RENO Was Created So That Home Owners Like You Can Easily Get Their Home's Renovated On Time and On Budget. 

Let Us Show You How It Works

Step 1: 

Concept Design (Rs. 5500+GST)

  • Select a room, select your style, pay the design fee and send us your plan. Click button below to get started. 
  • We create beautiful 3Ds based on your choice of style and room. We give you 3D images from all angels so that you can visualise your entire room. 
  • Order materials & furniture (Online or Offline) and implement our design.

Step 2

Detail Drawings, Material Specifications & Approximate Budget (Rs. 3500 + GST)

  • We create complete set of detailed drawings based on the design selected by you. 
  • We provide a list of material specifications including, brand names, colour codes for laminates, veneer, curtains, sofa fabrics and wall painting or texture. 
  • We will also provide you with estimated budget, so you know how much it'd cost you to implement the designs. 

Step 3

Supervison & Material Selection (Rs. 8500+GST) 

  • We send one of our designers** to help you choose and purchase various materials and furniture (Online & Offline Both). The designer will also periodically supervise the site to make sure the work is progressing as per design.
  • **For now, this service is available for Ahmedabad & Gandhinagar only. 


Step 4

Turnkey Solutions (AS ACTUAL) 

  • We prepare detailed estimates based on the final concept designs including all the detailed specifications of the materials and labor costs.   
  • Our team of expert contractors work on your project up to the last finish. 
  • Contact us for quote.
  • **For now, this service is available for Ahmedabad & Gandhinagar only. 

Ready To Renovate Your Room?

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