Interior Design Entrepreneurs (IDE)

IDE is an initiative by NEOTECTURE to help people interested in the interior design launch and build their own money making Interior Design Business.  


So, you want to become a professional Interior Designer?

Well, we can help you. We've created a proven system based Interior Design Crash Course that'll help you learn everything you need to about being an interior designer. 

What's Will You Learn?

You will learn the basics of interior designing and why it's important. Plus our proven 9 module Interior design crash course will make you a professional interior designer in one month. Read below to learn more about our 9 module Interior Design crash course. 

Module 1 - Understanding Furniture 

In this module you will learn the different types of furniture and sizes of different types of furniture you will be using to create a home. 

Module 2 - Interior Layout

In the module you will learn how to arrange furniture in a different types of room, and basics of space planning.  

Module 3 - Designing A Home

In this module you will learn how to take your basic space planning to the next level getting prepared to create a beautiful 3d visualisation. 

Module 4 - 3D Visualisation

In this module you will learn how to create 3d design based on the space planning you did in the module 2 & 3. 

Module 5 - Detail Drawings

In this module you will learn how to make setting out plan and detail drawings for all kinds of various furnitures. 

Module 6 - Presentation

In this module you will learn how to create professional presentation that will help your clients understand your design and impress them with your design skills. 

Module 7 - Interior Design Materials

In this module you will learn everything about the different types of materials used in Interior design. You'll learn how to work with different types of materials and application of those materials. 

Module 8 - Budgeting & Specification

In this module you'll learn how to make budget for your designs and provide specification for your design. 

Module 9 - Site Supervision & Material Selection

In this module you will learn the things you need to be careful about supervising the sites and how to go to different shops and select materials for your design. 


What Our Interior Design Crash Course Will Help You Achieve?

  1. You'll be able to build your career as an Interior Designer

  2. You'll be able to start your own interior Design firm in no time.

  3. You'll increase your skills and get a job as an Interior Designer.

  4. You'll be able to create 3d interior designs for any home small or big.

  5. Design an entire home from start to finish on your own.

  6. You'll be able to work with carpenters and various vendors to execute your design on site.

  7. You'll learn key presentation skills that will help you impress your employer or clients.

  8. You'll gain knowledge of various softwares that will help you in your new interior design career.



Who Is This Course For? Who Can Apply? 

Basically this course for anyone who wants to start a career as an Interior Designer.

  • This Interior Design Crash Course Is For You, If You are....

  • 10th Pass / Fail

  • 12th Pass / Fail

  • Fresh Interior Design Graduates Who Wants To Learn Real Life Interior Design Skills

  • Fresh Architecture Graduates Who Are Interested In Interior Designing And Wants To Build A Professional Interior Design Career.

  • Any Graduates Who Wants To Start A Career In Interior Design


Key Benefits Of Taking This Online Interior Design Crash Course With Us

  • Learn from the professional interior designers who are working on real projects and not just teachers.

  • Stop wasting money and time on spending 6 months to 1 year on an basic interior design course that will not teach you any real life skills.

  • Learn from practising interior designers than teachers. You will gain more practical knowledge that you can immediately apply.

  • Learn only what's most important for you, no unnecessary theories or fluff that is not going to help.

  • If you work hard and put in the efforts you may get a job or start your own interior design business right after completing this Interior Design crash course.

  • Just after a few days of joining the crash course you will be able to improve your home like a pro interior designer and impress your parents or family members with your newly acquired skills.




  • Beautiful Ready to use Sketchup furniture modules.

  • Ready to use Sketchup accessories . i.e. Lights, Fans, and other accessories required to make your 3d super professional.

  • Ready to use Vray RENDER settings to generate professional level 3d’s for your clients.

  • Huge material library.

  • Ready to use templates for Quotes & Invoice

  • Ready to use budget estimator, so you can generate budgets for your clients easily.

  • Ready to use budget format, so you can present your budget in a very professional way to your clients.

  • And much more…